How does that sound?
Published on January 5, 2008 By edwardaust In Internet
Yes, I am deaf, and here I am on the Internet. And I'm sure, by the way, that all of you have heard this rumor: Is there pride in being deaf? Well, here's the answer in one word: No. But back to my point, which is, I am deaf, I don't have any sort of non-advantage in typing, just because I'm deaf. Just to let you know, too, is this: There is nothing cultural about being deaf. The word deaf refers to people with hearing loss, and that's it. And please, I know this has got to do more with stereotypes than the Internet, but plese just don't give me any remarks about how this has got nothing to do with anything, and all that rubbish. It's not tha fun to be me.
on Jan 05, 2008
Im not sure the point of ur post??

but Welcome
on Jan 05, 2008
Welcome to Joe User!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's kind of addicting, though. Watch out!
on Jan 05, 2008
My problem, is that when people say words, I mistake them for other words. I can hear the sounds, but I never know what they're saying, because I always hear the wrong words, and do the wrong thing, because I mistake words for other words. It's the same as me, I'm not completely deaf, because I can only hear sounds.

For example: I mistake "must fall" for "bloodstorm". And I mistake "spear" for "steer". There are many more, but too much. BTW, thanks for the welcome, everyone!
on Jan 05, 2008
I mistake words for other words.

Want to know how I find out what they are? My Parents write it down.

on Jan 06, 2008
I am somewhat deaf too, Edward. I have quite bad tinnitus, which, in case you don't know, is ringing and humming in my ears. I too often mistake words for others, sometimes with comedic results, although there is nothing funny about hearing loss.

I am also a musician, a producer and a songwriter, so I'm not in the least bit surprised to read a deaf person online.

Welcome to JU
on Jan 06, 2008
In what the hell situation are "bloodstorm" and "spear" regularly used?  
Too funny!